Friday, August 19, 2011

Creepers by David Morrell

CreepersCreepers by David Morrell

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was an odd book. Some aspects struck me as cheesy (listening on audiobook), but man it was intense, and the bad guy is a piece of work. Actually, there were other bad guys, which were a complete surprise (and they were complete jack*sses that made me want to jump into the story and do some b****slapping).

The genre of this book seems to vary as I listened. At first, was it adventure? Then it was mystery. Then, horror...but supernatural or human monster variety?

The violent parts come suddenly and are somewhat brutal. Nothing I couldn't handle, but I was gasping in horror and talking to myself as I listened on my commute. I'm working on my language, and I had to restrain myself from cursing at the bad guys.

The characters didn't immediately strike me as memorable. But Mr. Balenger, well he earned my respect. Goodness gracious, what this man has gone through. But I have to say it really prepared him to be the hero in the ordeal that their little urban exploration jaunt into a long-abandoned hotel on the Jersey Shore will bring them to face. At first, he's a man who seems mysteriously knowledgeable and capable in emergency situations for a mere, mild-mannered reporter. And strangely bossy. But then, you know why. He comes through big time, and I definitely wanted to give him a high five. But he's also very human. The everyman sort of hero, kind of like John McClane from Die Hard, in a way. I also liked Amanda and Vinny. I felt bad for a few other characters who had some messed up crap happen to them.

And the main villain. What a sicko lowlife scumbag, for sure! I mean, seriously???

What did I learn from this book?

*Creepers, the nickname for urban explorers, are crazy as heck!
*Every experience you go through in your life will come in handy, so pay attention!!
*Minutiae and trivial facts might buy time if you can spout them off when you are dealing with bad guy losers who want to end your life.
*Stay my butt out of abandoned old buildings.
*People can be seriously messed up in the head!
*There is a such thing as poetic justice.

I didn't love this book (some parts just seemed cheesy to me), but it was an interesting read on audiobook. At any rate, I was sucked in big time.

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