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Crisis on Infinite Earths by Marv Wolfman

Crisis On Infinite EarthsCrisis On Infinite Earths by Marv Wolfman

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was good overall. It was dramatized with a full cast of actors playing the various characters.  Although there are different POVs, The Flash has the prominent one. 

I have this book somewhere (still haven't found it), but I thought it would be fun to check out the audiobook, and it's a good way to multi-task. I will put audiobooks on when I am doing other things, such as folding laundry or my drawing homework.  I think there is a thin line with audiobooks, especially dramatized one.  Sometimes the cheese factor is magnified.  This felt a bit melodramatic at times and very retro.  The publication date is 2009, but it feels a bit older. 

I ended up giving it three stars because I started losing interest after a while. It seems to go a bit long for me.  Also, there is a fair amount of jumping around, so it was hard to keep up with the story.  The villain was irritating to me, although he was very formidable. I liked that the heroes and the villains joined forces because of the huge threat they were facing.  On the good side, the idea is interesting.  The epic battle doesn't guarantee any sort of happy ending, and the casualties are monumental. We're talking about billions of people dying because literally, the various earths and their universes are ceasing to exist.  I felt for these people, both the ones who had a prominent viewpoint and people who had no voice. 

If you're a fan of the Flash, he is the most prominent character, so this is worth checking out for him.  I like the Flash, always have. He's a good guy. He doesn't get the spotlight as much as the Big Guns like Supes and Batman, but he's pretty awesome in what he can do and the enormous heart of his. Another cool aspect is the differences between the various Earths.  I can't call myself an expert in quantum physics or cosmology, so I can't verify the science of the multiverse, but the explanation seems plausible.

Overall, this is a good production and the acting is very good. The sound effects are well-done. It's an interesting way to view the DC Universe, but so much happens and so many different versions of the heroes are present, this might be confusing for a newbie to the DC Universe to read.  From what I've been reading on DC Wikia, this is a huge event in the world, and it affects the storylines of pretty much every character.  I'm glad to finally get a vantage point of the Crisis and go from there.

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