Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Deadpool, Volume 2: Soul Hunter

Deadpool, Vol. 2: Soul HunterDeadpool, Vol. 2: Soul Hunter by Brian Posehn

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Disclaimer:  You cannot take these Deadpool graphic novels seriously.  Deadpool is a wise-cracking mercenary who is also cracked in the gourd.  His grasp of reality is tenuous, and thus, through his eyes, our view of the world is as well. 

I think that Marvel uses this character for some comic relief (although I think Spider-Man as well to a lesser extent). Of course, readers have to have a twisted, darker sense of humor.  When I started reading this, I was hoping that Deadpool wouldn't do any killing of innocent people, and he mostly doesn't.  It's complicated.  He has a conscience in the form of a dead SHIELD agent who shares his mind with him, and I think that deep down, Deadpool isn't a bad guy. Maybe that's wishful thinking on my part.  No, seriously, he does try to minimize collateral damage and help people, showing a strange sense of ethics.

The artwork was bright and reflected the craziness of Deadpool's mind and his adventures.  Another great thing about this book was the prodigious cameos it had:  Iron Man/Tony Stark, Luke Cage/Power Man, Daredevil, even Spider-Man.

The story is seriously whacked, so I wouldn't recommend it across the board.  It's for folks who have a strange sense of humor (I can count myself among those, even though some of it was on the edge of my own tastes). And for those who like a seriously kickbutt main lead who can go all ninja on his enemies, even while he's spouting foolishness and who is quite obviously insane.

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