Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ruthless Lover by Sarah Holland

Ruthless Lover by Sarah Holland
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars


If you don't like the vicious "I love you, I hate you" and "I despise you but you set me on fire" go around in a book, avoid this one like the plague. Serena spends most of the book acting like she can't stand Nick. Since his arrogance was off-putting and his double standards about marital fidelity were infuriating, I could see why Serena was putting up barriers against him. On the other hand, he did have that male vitality and strength that makes for a compelling Harlequin Presents hero despite his arrogant ways.

I spent most of this book really disliking Nick. He seemed like a jerk to me. He was so assured of his place in the world, and he was pushy in a way I didn't like. I admit I do love a jealous/possessive hero, but in light of his numerous mistresses, really? Okay the end helped me to be okay with him, but I can't say why, because it's a spoiler.

If the dramatic back and forth in a romance book works for you, this one will do the trick. I do agree there was sizzling tension between Nick and Serena, very well written and culminating in a very sensual love scene.

1.5 hours of reading that were diverting, even if I was annoyed at the characters for a large deal of that time. I have to give this 3.5/5.0 stars because it was a fun read.

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