Monday, August 20, 2012

Protected by the Prince by Annie West

Protected by the Prince: The Weight of the CrownProtected by the Prince: The Weight of the Crown by Annie West

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Annie West couldn't write a bad book if she tried.  Because of that, I have high expectations.  Also, I messed up. I read Prince of Scandal first, and I loved that so much. I am not big on the modern royalty theme, but she made me buy in hook, line and sinker  with that book.  So that's why I didn't like this one as much.  I just didn't connect to Alaric as much as I did with his cousin Raul.  Alaric seemed more, I don't know if callous is the word...   I did feel sympathy for his journey and his losses, but I felt that he didn't show the sensitivity that Tamsin needed.  At the end of the day, I felt that Tamsin was too good for him. 

Maybe it's because Tamsin had some serious self-esteem issues, and she was sort of a
'babe in the woods'. I kind of felt like she was in over her head and he was manipulating her.  That's what was off about this book.

Also, he's too much of a rich playboy type for me.  I'm not saying he wouldn't make a good ruler. I just think that he has some character development he needs to do.  Maybe Tamsin will be good for him, tempering out his tendency to be impulsive and wild in his emotions.  I did like the proposal scene and the ending. That was quite romantic.

For a reader who likes the Cinderella theme, the normal heroine who gets swept off her feet by an experienced, wordly prince, this book will probably be very enjoyable. It's well-written, with good atmosphere, sexual tension and love scenes, a vulnerable, likable heroine, and a nice dose of angst. That's why I gave it four stars even though Alaric didn't quite catch me as a hero.

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