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Knight's Possession by Carole Mortimer

Knight's Possession (Harlequin Presents, #877)Knight's Possession by Carole Mortimer

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Wow, this book had a sucker punch!  Laurel seems so normal when it starts, but she's kind of an emotional mess.  I can understand why, and it made me sad that she harbored so much hate in her heart for a person who had only wanted the best for her.  And because of those deep wounds from childhood, she had closed her heart to love and caused herself to be manipulated by the man who she selected to marry just because she didn't think her heart was at risk.

There were some fierce emotional parts in this book.  I was so surprised at just how commitment-phobic Laurel was.  And what really hit me was how Reece was so patient with her even though she threw his freely-given confession of love back in her face in a very hurtful way. 

(Sound of record scratching loudly)

What?  A Harlequin Presents hero freely admits love way before the heroine does? Yes.  He does!  It was refreshing.  Even though I felt bad for Reece, I was glad that he persisted in his love for Laurel.  She had felt unwanted and unnecessary, rejected for so many years. It was good to know she had someone in her corner.

I liked the fact that Reece lives up to the name of the book. He truly is a Knight. And he takes the chance to go after Laurel when the opportunity becomes available.  Also, this pursuit is much like a game of chess.  Calculated moves to capture the queen.  I'm no chess expert, but at least I know that.

For a short book, there's a lot going on in this book. I liked the textures of it.  Not only a good romance, but delving into complicated family relationships. A study in guilt, harbored anger, and the need to forgive and move on.  Laurel is as much a victim as a perpetrator in the family drama, but I love that she does own up to her part in the rift with her mother, and realize that Reece is the man for her and she can't afford to let him go.

Good book!  I'm happy to explore more of Carole Mortimer's backlist.

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