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Waking Up by Amanda Carpenter

Waking Up (Harlequin Presents)Waking Up by Amanda Carpenter

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Thanks to my friend Rae for the heads up on this book. I love me a virgin hero. I especially like when the hero is not portrayed as a freak or weirdo just because he’s a virgin. Instead, Jason is a very desirable, well-adjusted, mature guy of twenty-six, with valid reasons for his virginity. You see, Jason has been in love with his best friend for most of his life. He waited years for her. The whole while, Robbie still thinks of him as a friend. She loves him, but she has to get herself out of the mindset of being just friends to lovers, and forever partners in life. I think that the author did a good job of conveying that change that Robbie’s viewpoint had to undergo.

If it’s not already apparent, let me say that I loved Jason. He’s a very sensual, sexy, intelligent, together guy. I liked how patient and caring he was with Robbie, but definitely conveying his powerful feelings for her. It must have been very hard carrying the weight of his unrequited love for Robbie, trying to wait for her to wake up to the true bond between them.

I felt that things were a bit slow at times, as the author spent a lot of time showing Robbie in her normal routine. I wasn’t as much interested in that. I was more focused on her interactions with Jason, the escalation of their relationship from buddies to lovers. The tension between them was fantastic, even though the love scenes are more along the fade to black lines. I did enjoy seeing their relationship evolve, although Robbie frustrated me in how she seemed rather clueless about Jason’s motives. Like he would ever hurt or use her. I think he deserved more of her trust than that. It was clear that she had some growing up to do, but I was glad she did grow up enough by the end of the book to realize that Jason was the man for her.

Waking Up is a must-read for romance fans who love virgin heroes. Jason will impress!

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