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Magnificent Folly by Iris Johansen

Magnificent FollyMagnificent Folly by Iris Johansen

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Magnificent Folly was a quick, pleasing read from back in the day by this prolific author. It continues the story of the Clanad, a group of people with powerful telepathic abilities who have found a refuge in the Middle Eastern country Sedikhan. This story is about Andrew, who is the brother of Mariana, from A Tough Man to Tame. Andrew donated his sperm so that Lily could have a child, only she doesn’t find out that he’s her daughter’s father until he finds them nine years later. Andrew bonds with their mutual daughter, Cassie, telepathically. Although Cassie is considered latent, she is able to communicate with Andrew, who she says, “Brings beautiful music to her.” Cassie is a musical prodigy, and the main focus of Lily’s life. Lily resents Andrew’s appearance in her life for a number of reasons. First of all, she hasn’t trusted or desired a relationship with a man since she was betrayed by one before she got pregnant with Cassie. Also, she can’t believe that Andrew has these special gifts. Lily is a realist, only believing what is tangible and real to her eyes and senses. Other things are as evanescent as sand castles. And then there is the fact that she has to share Cassie now with her father. However, Cassie is in danger from the people who want to track down and experiment on the Clanad and their descendents.

I loved Andrew. He is such an adorable, warm, loving, and sexy guy. I kept thinking of Spencer Reid (played by Matthew Gray Gubler) from “Criminal Minds”, who I have a lustful crush on, even though Andrew doesn’t look like Spencer. He just has that brilliant but sweet vibe that I love about Spencer. Andrew is steadfast in his love for Lily, who he saw on campus (where her doctor was) and fell in love at first sight, even knowing that it was hopeless that he could have had a relationship with her. If he could help her by donating his sperm for her to get pregnant, at least he could be in her life in that way. Andrew stays out of her life for nine young years (since he was in his teens at the time he first saw Lily, and only seventeen or eighteen when she got pregnant by him via artificial insemination). But when he realizes she and Cassie are in danger, he can’t stay away. He also realizes that he needs to take the chance to convince Lily that they belong together.

I found Lily frustrating for the majority of this book. Her past issues made her way too distrusting. She refused to see that Andrew was the real deal, although he was always as honest as he could be, and very genuine. Plus, Cassie trusted and had bonded with Andrew early on, which was good evidence that Andrew was a good person worthy of her trust, at least in my book. I can understand trust issues, but she took hers too far, and said some very hurtful things to Andrew, which seemed like shooting fish in a barrel, because he was so sweet. I did like the gesture she made at the end. It was perfect and poetic.

Although Lily’s character was annoying at times, I did like this book quite a bit. I was in a dark emotional place when I read it, and the book helped me to focus on something else other than my issues. So I appreciate that. Plus, I was glad I got to meet Andrew.

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