Monday, June 21, 2010

Mr. Temptation by Cait London

Mr. Temptation (Man of The Month/Heartbreakers) (Silhouette Desire, No. 1430) Mr. Temptation by Cait London

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
What's not to like about this book? Celibate carpenter hero who is just waiting for the woman who can take his mind and heart off his lost wife, who he's been grieving for ten years? Buttoned-up career woman who's never had much time for romance? Beautiful seaside scenery? And then there's the fact that Jarek is Russian-American!

Jarek takes one look at Leigh, and the possibilities come to mind. He hasn't had a woman in his bed for ten years. When Leigh ends up sleeping in the bed he made with his own hands in the showroom for his family's furniture business, he realizes how good it feels to wake up with her in his arms. But Leigh's focus is on nabbing the account for a swimsuit shop in the hotel run by his brother, so she can continue to protect and take care of her aging hippie parents. She's up to her ears in work and trying to keep her family safe and out of trouble. Romance is just not on her agenda.

It's up to Jarek to show her that there is more than enough room for him in her life, heart, and for her in his bed. He's ready to marry again, and he's got his eye on her.

I confess I have a weakness for Cait London's category romances. They have delightfully quirky, but passionate love stories. She has great heroes that are beautifully masculine, sexy, intense, and deeply-layered. Her heroines are left of center in a way that is very appealing, and reminds me of real life women (who aren't always perfect and 'beautiful' according to Hollywood standards). Her books always have a message about home and hearth, and the rich cultural heritage of various Americans, that we often take for granted.

I loved Jarek's family, with his Texan mother and Russian father,and his brother who's all business. They are loving and fun, embracing Leigh as their new daughter, long before she agrees to marry Jarek. And Leigh's hippie parents made me laugh. I could do much worse for a good Saturday afternoon read.

FYI: Jarek's brother, Mikhail's book is Instinctive Male.

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Cait London said...

How nice, Danielle. Thank you so much. The Stepanovs are one of my favorite series, also the Tallchiefs and others.

I hope you'll visit my early books, only 3 in Kindle, etc. now, A Lady's Choice, Rugged Glory, Gambler's Lady.

BTW, I so wanted to revisit the 2 cousins mentioned in the Stepanovs, but that did not happen. :)

Cait London said...

More: Please do visit for one on these early bks now in epub.

Danielle said...

Thanks for commenting, Cait. I love your books. Too bad you didn't get to write more about the Stepanovs. I've managed to collect all of your category romances. I love them!!!