Monday, June 21, 2010

Instinctive Male by Cait London

Instinctive Male  (Heartbreakers) Instinctive Male by Cait London

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Mikhail is the businessman brother of Jarek from Mr. Temptation. After reading Jarek's book and meeting Mikhail, I knew I couldn't put off reading Instinctive Male. It seems that Ellie Lathrop is the woman who can get under his ice cold demeanor and shatter his businessman cool. Ellie is the boss's daughter, who he disliked because she came off as a spoiled playgirl. Initially, he might have seen that part of Ellie, as she adopts this facade to hide a heart broken by her mother's leaving when she was a baby, and an uncaring father who only thought of her as an asset to his own business. Mikhail seems too much like her father, and she can't resist needling him. But years later, she comes to him because he can protect her and her adopted daughter from the wrath of her father, and her selfish sister's attempts to take the girl away from her. Because her sister is actually the girl's mother.

Mikhail knows he's going to help Ellie. Family is too important to him to see her suffer for the loss of her daughter. He is able to see that the carefree girl of the past is gone, and a strong, loving woman remains. Mikhail wants to be her knight in shining armor. He wants her forever, but Ellie is afraid to give her heart, not knowing who she is, since she never knew her mother's love. But Mikhail isn't used to failing. He's playing to win, for her heart.

Mikhail is different from his brother, in some ways. But, I liked him just as much. At heart, they share their love of family, and the strength to claim the women that claimed their hearts.

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