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Pregnant by the Greek Tycoon by Kim Lawrence

Pregnant By The Greek Tycoon (Harlequin Presents) Pregnant By The Greek Tycoon by Kim Lawrence

I am so glad I read this book. I was really expecting not to like it, because of the storyline. I hate when the hero doubts that the heroine had his child. But.....I really liked this book. It was a 4.5 star read for me. Kim Lawrence is a very good writer. She does a great, emotional love story with sizzling sexual tension, and characters you can like and root for.

In the case of this story, I was surprised at how easily I forgave Angolos for walking out on his pregnant wife. He had a very good reason for it, at least in his mind. He believed he could not have sired her child, and he thought he had proof that she cheated on him. Plus, he felt guilty for marrying Georgie when she was so young. You see, Angolos had just found out he was in remission for cancer the day he met Georgie. He fell in love at first sight with her, but his emotions were in turmoil because of his guilt that he had greedily snatched her up. He thought she just felt hero worship, and that she fell out of love with him when he took her home and fell into his workaholic routine. How wrong he was.

Georgie is very likeable. She's strong and pretty mature for her age. I think she realized looking back that she was too willing to give on things she should have fought over. She was insecure and felt like she wasn't enough woman for Angolos, because of his ex-wife still being in the picture, and the fact that his mother didn't care for her. When Angolos goes cold and walks out on her when she tells him she's pregnant, she leaves him and goes back to her family. Georgie has issues because her mother walked out on her as a baby, to marry a Greek waiter she ran off with. Her father and grandmother played into her issues of insecurity and inadequacy. In her mind, she couldn't believe she was good enough for the beautiful, Greek god-like man who swept her up into a worldwind courtship and marriage.

One day (four years later), Angolos shows up, after his doctor friend tells him that her son has to be his, since he's the spitting image of Angolos. Of course, she thinks Angolos just wants her back because of his child. She still doesn't know he believed he was sterile. She realized she never stopped loving him, but she doesn't fall like putty back into his hands. Rightfully, she's wary and keeps her barriers up. But, she's not silly about it. I think that Georgie and Angolos were both mature and reasonable, wanting to do the right thing for their son, and both hopelessly in love.

I was prepared to hear about Angolos sleeping with other women during their separation, but get this: He's a man who believes in honoring his marriage vows, even with evidence that his wife didn't do the same. So, he didn't sleep with other women while they were separated! Yay! I loved him just for that.

As usual, Kim Lawrence writes an engaging love story that I could sink my teeth into and read with full enjoyment. Although there were a few issues that didn't get explained or resolved by the time this story ended, I definitely believed in Georgie and Angolos' love for each other. That it was built to last, and stronger for all that they had suffered. This wasn't quite a five star book, but darn close. Don't be afraid to read this one, if this theme normally turns you off. I think you'd enjoy it.

Recommended. Rating: 4.5/5.0 stars.

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