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Capelli's Captive Virgin by Sarah Morgan

Capelli's Captive Virgin (Harlequin Presents) Capelli's Captive Virgin by Sarah Morgan

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars
I could not put this book down. It really drew me in and kept me on the hook--watching the sizzling interactions between this couple. Not only that--I was drawn in by the well-written dialogue between Lindsay and Alessio. Lindsay and Alessio actually talked most of this book, having very meaningful discussions. Although they were polar opposites when it came to their worldviews and outlooks on relationships, they came to realize that they had the same trust and relationship issues, deep down.

Alessio is one of those heroes that seem tailor-made for the shovel to head treatment. But, he wasn't. His arrogance and hard-hearted personality actually hid a man who had been hurt deeply through the actions of his mother against his father. He is a rake, through and through, but he discovers that he has a heart. In the process of trying to break down Lindsay's defenses and beliefs about true love and relationships, be comes to realize that he likes and appreciates who she is. That she is a good woman who has her reasons for why she behaves the way she does.

I really appreciated how Miss Morgan presented this couple, and how we see them grow. Lindsay learns to let go and to be less of a control freak. To open her heart to experiences and to love. Even though she does give in to Alessio's seduction, it's on her terms and with her eyes open. She's not whiny or weak. She's a strong woman who's rational and in control of her emotions. She's not a soft touch. But, she comes to realize that desire is something that she can feel, because that's part of who we are as humans, and because she's fallen in love with Alessio. Even though Alessio is hard at first, I could see why Lindsay fell for him. That he was a good guy deep down. He learns that he can give his heart to a woman and feel intimacy with her that is not about sex, but about an emotional connection. And I loved the end, how Alessio does make a gesture and show how he loved Lindsay.

I would recommend this book to the Harlequin Presents reader who wants a more modern kind of story that shows a relationship developing between two people who probably shouldn't be attracted to each other and fall in love--because they do have that connection that brings soulmates together. In the end, I did believe that Lindsay and Alessio were two halves of the same heart, helping each other to realize that they don't have to be slaves to their pasts, but that their past shapes them to be people who can love and find freedom to love in their lives.

Once again, I've loved and enjoyed one of Sarah Morgan's books. Overall rating: 4.5/5.0 stars.

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