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Naked in His Arms by Sandra Marton

Naked In His Arms (Harlequin Presents) Naked In His Arms by Sandra Marton

My rating: 2 of 5 stars
This book was almost a wallbanger at certain parts. The hero and heroine were acting way too hormonal for me. They had some serious imbalances in their brain chemistry causing them to act like idiots. But then it would settle down and I'd like it again.

Alex is a jerk. He's very macho and tough, and judgmental. He has decided that Cara is a skanky ho because he believes she is the ex-mistress of a crime lord. Even though he says he doesn't have an issue with a woman being sexually experienced. Whatever dude. This from the guy who picks up women in bars for sex. I thought he treated Cara pretty bad for too much of the book, although he's caring in other parts. This is part of the hormonal imbalance issue.

Cara is typical for Sandra Marton. She's way too soft with the hero. She lets him get away with too much crap. She gets snarky a few times, but most of the time, he can kiss her into submission. That really gets on my nerves when the hero can kiss the heroine and she turns into a pile of jello. Sometimes it's okay, but it's overused, especially by this author.

Don't get me wrong. I really enjoy Sandra Marton's books. But I think she has borderline uber-alphas in some of her books. Uber-alpha means bad alpha to me. Not the tough, possessive loving type of hero. But the testosterone toxicity hero. Alex definitely falls into this category. He really didn't use his brain as much as he should have. I figured out pretty early just what Cara's connection was to the crime lord. I don't mean to stereotype, but it was fairly obvious that Cara wasn't mistress-material. All he could see was how hot she was, and that made her skanky, crimelord guy's ho in his mind.

I was disappointed with the adventure plot. It could have been a little better executed. He did some covert spy stuff, but mainly it consisted of breaking into Cara's apartment, accosting her in the shower, and sexually intimidating her. And then at the end, he and his two brothers break into the crime lord guy's mansion to get 'closure' with Cara. The Desert Virgin (the 1st book in this series that I read) had much better action. This one really wrapped up way to easily and it was very anti-climactic.

I have to say this is probably my least favorite Sandra Marton book although some parts were okay. I am keeping it because it's part of a series with The Desert Virgin, and I hate to break up a series in my collection.

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