Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lub-Dubs Interracial Romance Readers Awards

It's not too late to vote if you're a reader of Interracial Romance/Erotica.

CEREMONY: “The Lub-Dubs” (that’s right, the sound a heart makes) - an interracial romance fiction award ceremony for the fans, by the fans. I’ve picked the categories but all of you will pick the nominees and vote for the winners. I will tally the votes and host the award ceremony “live” on my blog at a date TBA (most likely end of September). I will do my best to notify every nominee and maybe we can even get the winners to post “acceptance speeches” the night of the ceremony. Depending on its success, the award ceremony might become an annual thing, but for now it’s just one time only, so let’s enjoy. C’mon, people, let’s have fun with this and create THE BEST “go-to” list for everything related to interracial romance books!

AWARD: The Heart (how does it sound? “and the heart goes to…” or “two time heart award winner” lol)

RULES: first and foremost, all stories submitted for nomination MUST be interracial romance. one nomination per category per person (meaning you can’t list three different books for each category, just one!) Yes, authors are allowed to vote as well - after all, they are fans too. MUY IMPORTANTE - everything submitted for nomination must have been published (or for free/non-published work, it must have been "posted") within a year of when voting ends. (basically the eligibility dates are: the month of august 2008 - the month of august 2009) i’m putting my total trust in you all, so NO cheating! (meaning you can’t nominate a contemporary book in the historical category and you can‘t nominate a book from 2007) and please be as detailed with your nominations as possible, so for example: in the best hero category, nominate Mr. so-and-so from the book such-and-such, written by miss ahuh - so that I know who you’re talking about)

WHERE TO SUBMIT: send your nomination picks to: with “lub-dub” written in the subject box.

DEADLINES: The deadline to submit nominations will be 11:59 PM eastern standard time on Friday, August 21. That gives everyone a little over six weeks to vote. I will tally all of the submissions and the ones with the most votes will make it onto the nomination board (most likely 4 or 5 per category). After all is counted, I will post the Nomination list (in multiple locations) that following Monday, August 24 and the voting will begin!!!

Best Hero
Best Heroine
Best Supporting Male Character
Best Supporting Female Character
Best Villian - (can be male or female)
Best Alpha Male
Best Vampire/Warewolf/Shape-Shifter - (can be male or female)
Best Author of the Year
Best New Author
Best Editor
Best Publisher
Life Time Achievement Award - (do you know of an author that has significantly advanced the interracial romance genre? submit their name!)
Best Lip-Lock - ( we all love a heartfelt kiss)
Best Love Scene - (only 2 person sex. for three ppl or more, check out the menage cateory)
Best Proposal - (we all love it when the couple says “I do”, pick your favorite down-on-one-knee moment)
Best Fight Scene - (love it when the protective hero, socks the a-hole ex in the face? I know I do!)
Best Ménage twa - (can be any combination of males and females)
Best Erotica
Best Inspirational
Best Historical
Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Paranormal
Best BBW
Best Mystery/Suspense-Thriller
Best Western
Best Contemporary
Best Comedy
Best Series - (can only nominate if one of the books from the series was published during this past year)
Best Website/Fan-Group/Blog
Best Fan - (know a steadfast fan of interracial romance books that maybe created a fan website or gives great reviews? nominate them!)
Best Choice to Become A Movie - (sure to be a favorite category, which book would you love to see become a movie?)
Best One-Liner - (that one line in a story that’s so f-ing awesome, you wanna share it with the world)
Best Cover Art
Best Short Story - (less than 20,000 words)
Best Novella - (between 20,000 - 40,000 words)
Best Novel - (more than 40,000 words)
Best Story of the Year - (any length story can be nominated… That’s right folks, short storys can go up against novels)

Let's show Interracial Romance some love!

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