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Moon Called by Patricia Briggs

Moon Called (Mercedes Thompson, #1) Moon Called by Patricia Briggs

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What a great addition to the urban fantasy genre. Mercy is a likeable and engaging protagonist. She doesn't come off as invincible and inhuman in her buttkicking abilities, yet at the same time, she is comfortable in her own skin and can hold her own.

The universe is interesting, much like the world we live in, save the addition of preternatural creatues such as werewolves, vampires, fae, and coyote shifters like Mercy, which seem quite rare.

I enjoyed the description of the pack dynamics and Mercy doesn't quite fit into the werewolf packs, yet at the same time is an integral part of them. She has an interesting relationship with the Marrok Bran, who is the acknowleged leader of all the werewolves in North American, and somewhat like a father figure to Mercy, Samuel, the firstborn of Bran, who Mercy almost married/mated to, and Adam, the alpha of the pack of werewolves where Mercy lives, in the Tri-Cities area. Out of the three, Adam is my favorite. He was very attractive to me in his personality and how he interacted with Mercy. I can't get enough of him. Samuel also had some seductive traits to me. He is strong but gentle at the same time. He clearly has feelings for Mercy that are unresolved. There are other secondary characters that truly caught my interest and that I want to read more about. Mercy has an interesting relationship with both Adam and Sam, and that is sure to play a major role in later installments. I much say Mercy is surrounded by beautiful, powerful, intriguing men (of various origins).

I like the way Briggs' made Mercy stand out. She saved Adam's life more than once, but she is also very aware of her limitations. Mercy's an auto mechanic and runs her own shop, which is how she gets entangled in the situation that arises in this book. It's great to see a heroine who has such dimensions to her.

The magic elements were arresting, particularly as this book showed the magic of the werewolf and the pack, how their strength draws from the alpha and gives back to him.It was really enjoyable to read about. As a werewolf lover, this did my heart good. There are also some vampire elements in this book for those who are of the fang persuasion. And yes, for the faery lovers, there's even a little of that sprinkled in this book. Although this was not a long book, it was a veritable hearty meal for urban fantasy lovers.

All in all, a great start to a series that I definitely want to continue reading.

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