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Dark Guardian by Christine Feehan

Dark Guardian (Carpathians, #9) Dark Guardian by Christine Feehan

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One thing I love about these Carpathian books is they prove the adage: There is someone for everyone. Feehan sets the stage by showing Lucian as a young fledgling, seeing the devastation that his people face, and realizing his duty to his people. Then she shows Jaxon growing up and the beginning of a horrible obsession that her father's friend develops for her. Those parts were really shocking and I was surprised that Feehan didn't hesitate to show how truly crazy Drake was. My heart bled for poor Jaxon. At the same time, I deeply admired the woman she grew into. It was great that she had her own guardian to watch out for her. Although being a strong woman, she fully intended to do the same for him.

Jaxon was a pretty level-headed heroine, and she had the knack for saying things that had me laughing. She totally kept Lucian on his toes. He didn't quite know what to do with her, but was deeply in love with her from the beginning.

In Jaxon, I can see the seeds for the heroines in the Ghostwalker books. She reminded me favorably of Mari from Deadly Game, who is one of my favorite heroines. Just like Mari was a perfect match for Ken, so is Jaxon for Lucian. She is gutsy and self-sacrificing, and a true survivor despite the horror she has endured. I enjoyed the part when she gets dressed and puts on her whole arsenal of weapons. I couldn't help but love her.

Lucian is just as irresistible as all the Carpathians are. He's very much larger than life, with this irresistibly seductive voice that he can use as a deadly weapon. Jaxon doesn't quite know what to make of him, but she isn't about to throw him back, although she doesn't quite believe in all the vampire stuff initally. Lucian is a very good person although he thinks he's bad because of all of the vampires he had to kill over the years. He always puts others before himself, and was even willing to sacrifice his soul to keep his brother from turning into a vampire. He is very caring and considerate of Jaxon, really working hard to help her to adjust to her new life as his lifemate. I appreciate the fact that although he didn't like her putting her life in danger as a police officer, he doesn't try to force her to quit. Pretty forward thinking for a man who is about 2000 years old. So I have to say it was nice that Jaxon was trying to watch out for him, and helped him kill vampires.

Although the Carpathian books definitely have a certain formula, there are gems of uniqueness in each book that make them irresistible to this romance fan. Although I said I would take a break before reading the next Carpathian book, I'm wishing I brought another one on the road with me.

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