Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Three Cheers for Beta Heroes

Beta heroes get lost in the shuffle when it comes to romance. But in real life, let's be honest. Who would you want to marry? A domineering jerk or a sweet, lovable teddybear. I know what my answer is.
What defines a beta hero? He usually has these traits:

  • He thinks before he acts. He's a very good planner
  • He is more likely to be open with his emotions
  • He has a very essential core of gentleness that makes him want to care for others
  • His gentleness can heal a tortured heroine's heart in a way that an alpha hero cannot reach
  • He will be involved in cerebral/healing professions
  • He's an excellent friend, and a loyal lover
  • He's not arrogant, despite being very good at what he does
  • His calm nature allows him to resolve tricky situations and to soothe a high-strung heroine
  • His love for his heroine is an ardent, but steadfast flame that does not burn out
  • He is often quite witty because his intelligent brain has the answers before he opens his mouth

Who are my favorite beta heroes?

  • Carter McKoy from The Texan's Wager by Jodi Thomas
  • Geoffrey de Burgh from the De Burgh Bride by Deborah Simmons
  • Jake Burnett from Sweet Lullaby by Lorraine Heath
  • Francis Haile, Lord Middlethorpe from Forbidden by Jo Beverley
  • Avery Thorne from My Dearest Enemy by Connie Brockway
  • Harry Braxton from As You Desire by Connie Brockway
  • Justin Powell from Bridal Favors by Connie Brockway
  • Robert Carroway from England's Perfect Hero by Suzanne Enoch
  • Mick Tremore from The Proposition by Judith Ivory
  • Nathan Senatra from American Dreamer by Theresa Weir
  • Arden Mansfield, Lord Winter from The Dream Hunter by Laura Kinsale
  • Samuel Gerard from The Shadow and the Star by Laura Kinsale
  • Houston Leigh from Texas Destiny by Lorraine Heath
  • Cleavis Rhy from Garters by Pamela Morsi
  • Dr. Winton Grey from A Convenient Wife by Carolyn Davidson
  • Aaron Wallace from The Way Home by Megan Chance
  • Dr. Caleb Chaney from The Doctor's Wife by Cheryl St. John
  • Ford Colston from Forever in Texas by Jodi Thomas
  • Ray Singleton from The Magic of Ordinary Days (Hallmark Movie, also a book that I haven't read)
  • Noah Cutter from His Secondhand Wife by Cheryl St. John
  • S.T. Maitland from The Prince of Midnight by Laura Kinsale
  • Dr. Lawrence Digby from The Enchantment by Kristin Hannah
  • Will Travers from River of Eden by Glenna McReynolds

Yes, alpha heroes are very sexy. But don't discount the appeal of these wonderful beta heroes. If you want a guy to knock your socks off, and keep your feet warm, these guys will come through for you.

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