Friday, September 05, 2008

My Favorite Virgins

I am in the minority here. Simply put, I love virgin heroes in romance novels! Some readers want a hero who is very experienced with women because they find no thrill in the inexperienced hero finding his way with his first woman, the heroine. Let them have their rakes and players. I will take my sexy and novice heroes.

Fundamentally I am a romantic. I think that if the first person you sleep with is your true love, that is the best of both worlds. This is the ultimate romance, in my opinion. Also I like the vulnerability of the virgin hero. He had to have been through some journey in his life to lead him to the heroine's door in the unspoiled state. And finding out why is part of the fun.

Who are my favorite virgin heroes? Well take a seat and I'll tell you:

  • Samuel Gerard from The Shadow and the Star by Laura Kinsale
  • Francis Haile, Lord Middlethorpe from Forbidden by Jo Beverley
  • Sin MacCallister from Born in Sin by Kinley MacGregor
  • Conrad Wroth from Dark Deeds at Night's Edge by Kresley Cole
  • Ciaran Tamberlane from My Forever Love by Marsha Canham
  • Carter McKoy from The Texan's Wager by Jodi Thomas
  • Scott Gregory from Secret Admirer by Susan Napier
  • Wren Tigaran from Unleash the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon
  • James, Duke of Alford from The Naked Duke by Sally Mackenzie
  • Colin Wescott, Earl of Haverwood from Touched by Fire by Kathleen O'Reilly
  • Thomas Cavendish, Earl of Thornsbury from Three Dog Knight by Tori Phillips
  • Pascal LaMartine from No Sweeter Heaven by Katherine Kingsley
  • Simon Malmain, Earl of Falconer from Stolen Magic by Mary Jo Putney
  • Dane Calwell from Surrender to a Wicked Spy by Celeste Bradley
  • Michael McNeil from Wild at Heart by Patricia Gaffney
  • Hen Randolph from Laurel by Leigh Greenwood
  • Dr. Lawrence Digby from The Enchantment by Kristin Hannah
  • Lee Raven from The Cowboy and the Lady by Lorraine Heath
  • Noah LeCroix from Blue Moon by Jill Marie Landis
  • Richard from The Marriage Bed by Claudia Dain
  • Ford Colston from Forever in Texas by Jodi Thomas
  • Clement Barto from Beginner's Luck by Dixie Browning
  • Noah Cutter from His Secondhand Wife by Cheryl St. John
  • Judd Laurens from Caressed by Ice by Nalini Singh
  • Jack the Hangman from My Lord Jack by Hope Tarr
  • Michael Kilbride from The Last Bride in Ballymuir by Dorien Kelly
  • Thorn Greenwood from Lady Lyte's Secret by Deborah Hale
  • Oliver Armitage from "Cupid Goes to Gretna" in The Love Match by Deborah Hale
  • Nicholas Arthur Seymore from Sweet Bargain by Kate Moore

..and, I feel both I and Cormia were cheated by the way that Phury from the Black Dagger Brotherhood by JR Ward lost his virginity!!

Some of these heroes are patiently waiting to be discovered in my tbr (to be read) pile. So most likely I will have a Part 2 list. Of course, I will always be on the search for more books featuring these most wonderful of heroes, the innocent and awaiting initiation by their heroines. I hope that authors keep writing them.


Cheryl St.John said...

I just discovered your blog because it came in on my google alerts. I love lists, and I love your lists of favorite characters and character types. I am amazed that you can keep track of all these books and know the story people by name.

Thanks for mentioning some of my books!

I enjoyed your definitions for alpha and beta males so much, that I'm going to save them.

Unknown said...

I like a story in which the heroine is at least implicitly a virgin, and the hero may be. One should assume that if the hero is sexually experienced his experience was not very satisfactory. Perhaps he had an affair with an experienced woman who left him. That would give him enough experience to finesse a wedding night, but not enough to diminish his appreciation of his virgin bride. He should not have had any experience with a prostitute.