Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Wolverine: Japan's Most Wanted by Jason Latour (Text), Jason Aaron (Text), Yves Bigerel (Illustrations), Paco Diaz (Illustrations)

Wolverine: Japan's Most WantedWolverine: Japan's Most Wanted by Jason Latour
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I was trying to figure out why I didn't like this more. With some distance, I realized I wasn't that fond of the artwork or the lettering. Wolverine is such an intense fellow, and his story is visceral and real. I like the art to reflect this. While bright colors don't come amiss to this art lover, I felt that the style of artwork was too cartoonish. Is that a thing when it comes to graphic novels? I guess it is, because it felt that way when I was reading this.

I am such an unbelievable sucker for anything martial arts and swordplay, and I have this bizarre obsession with the movie "The Wolverine". I've watched it quite a bit. I wonder if that movie was loosely (and I do mean loosely) based on this graphic novel, or does this go back to the older Wolverine series? Anyway, I saw some scenes that seemed echoed in the movie. I would have loved to see the movie mirror this story a bit more, but with the artwork that is so endearing to me in the X-Force run by Craig Kyle. I would have been blown away by this if it had that sort of visual style. Because the story itself was pretty good.

One of my favorite parts in this was when Logan gets in touch with his inner samurai. I really ate that part up. As of late, I have become quite the Wolverine fan. And my friend who is a Wolverine acolyte isn't even returning my calls, so he doesn't know how much his obsession has rubbed off on me. (*heavy sigh*)

At any rate, I feel myself rambling. Let's get back on point. That Sabertooth is so revolting to me in every way. I think this book really captures that about his character, and how he's like a bad case of retroviral latent infection. He always comes back, often worse than ever. Poor Logan. At times, it seems a mercy that his memory is spotty in great parts.

I picked this up because it's really hard to figure out where to dive in to start reading Wolverine's series. I did read Weapon X back in the day. It's been a while. And because this is set in Japan. I figure I couldn't go wrong. Overall, it was okay. Not a bad start. I am looking forward to reading more Wolverine in the near future.

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