Thursday, August 07, 2014

Wolverine/Punisher, Volume 1 by Peter Mulligan, Lee Weeks

Wolverine/Punisher, Vol. 1Wolverine/Punisher, Vol. 1 by Peter Milligan

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It's not as predictable as one would think, putting The Punisher and Wolverine together. They are actually very different.  One is methodical and rigid in his application of violence. The other is very emotional in his application of violence, and not quite as dogmatic about the application of justice and judging others.

This book has a very pulpy feel to it. That's not necessarily bad, since we are dealing with hardened criminals (and some not-so hardened, but shady all the same). 

I don't like this incarnation of the Punisher as much as the Rucka variation, but he is true to his character.  Wolverine is always Wolverine, and you like him for who he is (good and bad).  However, their dialogue between them gets hilarious, and the laconic dialogue about crime and punishment is descriptive of their individual paths and how they intersect in this book.

I liked the different point of views of the various criminals, more of a spectrum than you would think.

I didn't love the artwork, honestly. It was a bit blocky for me.  This Wolverine is pretty homely, and the Punisher looks like a Mack Truck.

Not my favorite, but pretty good. A nice team-up comic.

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