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Temporary Bride by Patricia Wilson

Temporary BrideTemporary Bride by Patricia Wilson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I can't rate this very highly because it felt rather tame and didn't really touch my emotions. I read this on a Harlequin Presents Weekend Binge, and while I enjoy those, just picking books randomly from my Pile o' Harlequin Presents, sometimes you get this feeling of incongruity when you read a book that isn't as intense and emotional as the other ones. Unfortunately, this book felt like the ugly stepsister because I was 'feeling' the other books I read so much this weekend. 

Patricia Wilson is a proven vintage Harlequin Presents author. I really enjoy her books and she has more than a few that are all time faves for me. However, no author has a completely winning streak. This one is just decent. Not bad, but not particularly memorable.

What I liked:

*I really liked Brett, Kit's grandfather. I love how Charley immediately bonded with the old man, and how he approved of her and liked her.
*Kit's possessive/jealous leanings. I am unrepentant about my love for jealous/possessive heroes.  He could have been more demonstrative of those traits, but I liked it when I saw it.
*Overall, Charley was a heroine that I liked. She's a bit on the meek side, but that doesn't bother me as much as it might some readers.

What didn't impress me:

*Kit's way of treating Charley was weird. He sent out so many mixed signals.  He admitted at the end that he needed to stop lying and I totally agree. If I was Charley, I think I would have had whiplash at how often Kit's behavior changed.
*I didn't like the whole Antebellum thing.  I think it's my own personal issues with that time period in US History and so it rubbed me the wrong way.
*The evil other woman plot didn't impress me much.  I did like that Brett couldn't stand her but he liked Charley.

I think I have high expectations for the authors I really like, so when I read books by them that are just okay or decent, it's disappointing.  I think I might have enjoyed this more if I hadn't read it between two really intense, dramatic books.  It was a cute book overall.

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