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In the Sheikh's Marriage Bed by Sarah Morgan

In The Sheikh's Marriage Bed (Harlequin Presents, #2453)In The Sheikh's Marriage Bed by Sarah Morgan

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How funny that I read "Cinderella" and "Beauty and the Beast" in a couple of days of each other.  I consider this a "Beauty and the Beast" style romance because the sweet, innocent heroine (Beauty) takes the place of her relative and beards the beast in his den. In this case, the beast is a gorgeous, but cold-hearted Prince Zakour (goes by Zak) who wants to make her brother pay for embezzling millions of dollars.  He refuses to let Emily go and is determined to believe she's mercenary and scheming, that her act of innocence is feigned.  He can't believe anyone can be that sweet and honest.  When she bonds with his lonely nephew, abandoned by his mother, he is skeptical, but is more than willing to utilize her skills at managing a five-year-old to his advantage.  And before he knows it, he's demanding marriage.

I liked this book. I felt that Emily was a sweet-heart. I did do a bit of eye rolling at how she constantly seemed to swoon over Zak's good looks.  Now I feel like a hypocrite. If I was in the present of Benedict Cumberbatch for days on end, I'd probably be doing the same.  But anyway, it seems a bit over the top how it was described.

Overall, the chemistry between Emily and Zak was well done.  I think that the tension of not knowing each other's feelings was believable.  When Emily's brother shows up, I liked how that was handled.  He acquits his sister with an impassioned plea, and makes Zak feel like the heel he was.  And I liked Zak's love declaration. He says that he will keep her imprisoned for ever and give her the many babies she always wanted.   Yeah, this isn't a romance for cynics. I'm not one, so it worked for me.

A good escapist Harlequin Presents is just what the doctor ordered when a reader needs a boost. Take this book and get a good night's rest, and you'll be good as new.

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