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The Italian Boss's Mistress by Lynne Graham

The Italian Boss's Mistress (Brides of L'Amour, #2) (Harlequin Presents, #2367)The Italian Boss's Mistress by Lynne Graham

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This actually turned out to be another accidental reread for me. I was sure that I had read all the books in the Brides of L'Amour series, but I had it on my bedside table to read, so I assumed I hadn't read it. I think might be an extra that I picked up someone and forgot it was an extra copy.

Nevertheless, I found this book highly enjoyable, even on the reread. Pippa is a fairly tormented heroine, having been an unwanted 'accidental' child whose existence forced her parents into a loveless marriage in which her father habitually cheated on her mother. Pippa is highly intelligent, a math genius, who has a fast-track in her career at Venstar, but ends up getting demoted because she doesn't have the sexy look, according to her boss. She believes that the big boss Andreo D'Alessio was behind this decision, and has reason to think he's like her faithless, shallow father, who did nothing but criticize her for her lack of looks and ambition, because she didn't want to go into medicine after the horrible crash that took her mother's life and caused her father to be paralyzed. She decides to have a makeover for the office party, and ends up meeting a tall, sexy man who she goes home with. It turns out this man is her boss, the very Andreo who she thought she disliked. Of course, Pippa is not down with sleeping with the boss, but Andreo is too hard to resist. She decides she'll indulge in a short term affair until her vacation to France starts.

Of course, Pippa ends up falling in love with Andreo, knowing that she doesn't have a future with the Italian 'womanizer'. When his girlfriend returns to town, she quits her job and him, and heads to France, only to have him follow her.

Lynne Graham writes a hit with her sexy, sweet, and humorous (with a dash of angst) novel here. I quite enjoyed this series the first time around, and I liked this book just as much this time. Andreo might be a rich Italian who has had short-term flings with available women, but he's a good guy. He's loving and sweet to Pippa, respecting her intelligence, and working past her insecurities. Even though he's a bit arrogant, you could tell his heart was in the right place. I liked that Pippa was an independent woman, and very intelligent. She might have some insecurities, but she managed to forge a good life for herself. She didn't think she wanted a man like Andreo, or a family, but love has some nice surprises in store for her. It was a pleasant experience reading these two people finding a forever love together.

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