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Bonds of Justice by Nalini Singh

Bonds of Justice (Psy-Changeling, #8)Bonds of Justice by Nalini Singh

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Wow! Max, you sure know how to seduce a reader, I mean woman. I just fell in love with you. They should put a 'Dangerous' label on you. You are not at all intimidated being a plain old human (snorting when I write that), even though you are surrounded by folks who could rip you to shreds or melt your brain. You are confident enough to claim a formidable 'J' Psy as your very own woman. How could you not become one of my favorite heroes in this series? Not to mention the fact that you are gorgeous and part-Asian (drooling on keyboard). Again, I wonder if this author is actually a Psy and is extracting data directly from the dark corners of my mind.

Bonds of Justice moved up the list of books in this series, and to near the top of my favorites list. Unlike many fans, I actually enjoy the Psy-focused storylines. Something about these people of formidable mental abilities, and their struggle to say in control. Control is a theme that hits me hard. Control of oneself, control of others. Escaping control, gaining control. Different aspects of control as a concept resonates deeply with me. I like stories in which the protagonists wrestle with control issues. I like to see the ice cold walls come down, or for them to loosen enough to let that character love and be loved.

Max and Sophia are a perfect pair. They are both wounded on the inside (and for Sophia-also on the outside). Both of them look deeper to see their soulmates. Max was one of the first people to actually 'see' Sophia. To want to take care of her, and to know her. She was thrown away by her parents because she was deemed 'unfit' after she was nearly destroyed by a pyschotic Psy as a child. She took the only option available for a Psy of her talents, that as a J-Psy. They have a notoriously short lifespan because of the stressors of their job. They have to work with the worst of humanity, extracting ugly memories to help to solve the most heinous of cases. Eventually all that ugliness destroys them from the inside out. When Sophia meets Max, she knows her days are numbered. But, because she was never subject to Silence, she feels an attraction to him that she decides to pursue, to allow herself to feel that way before her life is taken from her by the Psy (or face total rehabilitation). Close proximity to Max on a case in which they are trying to determine who is trying to kill powerful Psy Councilor Nikita Duncan reveals that he's a man she cannot resist. And Max is more than willing to pursue her. I cared about Sophia, loved her. I wanted her to find that chance of happiness with Max. I think she's deserved it, with her lonely, selfless life. No one should feel so isolated and unloved.

Max has all the traits I love in a hero: keenly intelligent, possessive, strong-minded, a good sense of humor, an infallible sense of justice, and the insight to see the beauty in a wounded Psy like Sophia. Max had some very deep scars. His mother was very cruel to him, abusing him and showing her hatred in every way. He never felt worthy or loved growing up. As an adult, he became dedicated to seeking justice for people, and became one of the most relentless and formidable cops in the Enforcement system. I just adored him. I wanted him to see how worthy he truly is.

I was rooting so hard for Max and Sophia to find their happy ending. I like the way that Nalini Singh worked things out in this book. She broke a pattern and found a resolution that progresses the Psy storyline in a way that makes my interest even more keen.

Big changes are coming for the Psy, that have the potential to affect all three races: Psy, Changeling, and Human. I am excited to see where things go from here.

Gosh, I am so addicted to this series, and this book only made it worse. Ms. Singh tantalized me with glimpses of one of my favorite supporting characters, Psy Councilman, Kaleb Krychek. She has me drooling here. What a sexy, scary, cool, dangerous character here. He's terribly enigmatic. The man has one heck of a siren call going on for this reader. She has to write a book for him. I insist.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I loved this book. There was quite a bit going on, but the romance was lovely, and the Psy elements were awesome. There was even a good mystery thrown in. It was cool to catch up with some of the characters from past books, and to see that they were doing well. I liked how Ms. Singh intertwined Sascha's ongoing storyline so well into this story. There are layers and layers of subtext going on here that balance the Psy-Changeling storyline beautifully. Yup, this is definitely in my top three books in this series. Max, you are giving Hawke, Dorian, and Dev a run for their money, and you have surpassed Judd, although I love that man too. What a major feat for a mere human!

Great story here. Loved it!!! Check out this absurdly-addictive series if you haven't yet. It starts with Slave to Sensation.

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