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The Greek Tycoon's Virgin Wife by Helen Bianchin

The Greek Tycoon's Virgin Wife (Greek Tycoons) (Harlequin Presents, #2669)The Greek Tycoon's Virgin Wife by Helen Bianchin

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Greek Tycoon's Virgin Wife starts out with a hero who has decided he's ready to settle down and get married. The perfect candidate is Ilana Girard, only she's not too eager to be any man's bride. Two years ago, she called off her wedding the day before the event. Since then, she's been called the Ice Maiden by society. She's a busy and successful fashion designer who travels in the same high society circles as Xandro due to her aristocratic parents. Ilana has some very good reasons to avoid an involvement, particularly the fact that her ex was abusive and threatened to kill her if she dates another man. Of course, she doesn't let Xandro know this. He merely thinks she's playing Lady Reluctant, but he's determined to woo this lady.

Events escalate and her ex-fiance is now full-on stalking her: leaving threatening messages on her phone, and eventually making attempts on her life. Xandro swoops in to protect Ilana, hiring a bodyguard, and moving her into his mansion. Ilana is finding it increasingly hard to resist this attractive man who shows her gentleness and loving care, the total opposite from the man she was going to marry, who beat her and tried to rape her the night before their wedding.

This one wasn't terribly exciting, but I still enjoyed it. I thought it was funny how Xandro hired another man to protect his would-be wife, instead of swooping in to do it himself. I guess billionaires don't really think about being tough guys, not when he can pay someone else to do it.

Misnomer aside, since Ilana succumbs to Xandro's seduction long before the wedding (hence, no virgin wife--more like virgin girlfriend), I liked this book.

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