Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Sicilian's Mistress by Lynne Graham

The Sicilian's MistressThe Sicilian's Mistress by Lynne Graham
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Another older Lynne Graham novel that slipped through the cracks for me. I read this one today and it was a nice way to while away some relaxation time. Graham sets a tone that is emotionally charged and involving. Gianni wasn't exactly my favorite person for most of the book, but I did see how his early childhood set him up for being the less than ideal lover in that he's not able to communicate in a healthy way. He's deeply emotionally locked up and Milly wore herself out practically trying to batter against his walls. She wasn't aware how much progress she'd made before a terrible misunderstanding caused them to separate the first time. Gianni makes a lot of excuses for his behavior, acting as though he's being rational throughout, while he distrusts Faith/Milly's more honest emotional approach. By the end of the book, it was clear that he loved Milly very much even though he wasn't able to accept that fact until it was almost too late.

At times, I didn't like that Milly was so emotionally vulnerable to Gianni and pretty much did what he wanted for the most part. However, it was clear that Milly didn't have any disillusions about who she was and what she valued or wanted for her life. Milly was in a tough situation having lost her memory and found that she had left a lot of pain behind her in her pre-memory loss life.

I made one of my reading resolutions to read more Harlequin Presents book this year than I did last year. My HP reading was at a near all-time low last year because of many things, but I hope to rectify that this time around. This is my 2nd this year and I really liked both of them. Of course, I consider Lynne Graham a very reliable author, which is why I pull her out when I want a sure HP vacation.

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