Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure by Bill Willingham

Legenderry: A Steampunk AdventureLegenderry: A Steampunk Adventure by Bill Willingham
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I will always compare everything Bill Willingham does to Fables, fair or unfair. And it seems to pale in comparison. I normally love when modern writers borrow characters from the classics, and Willingham has done this with characters from the pulp action, fantasy and adventure of the 19th and Early 20th century and integrated them into the Steampunk framework of his imagination. I was more inspired by the artwork than the actual story. As far as the narrative itself, it was vaguely interesting. I think the cameos were the most fascinating aspect. If my library gets the next volume, I would read it.

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