Sunday, November 15, 2015

Fairest, Volume 4: Of Mice and Men by Marc Andreyko (Writer), Shawn McManus (Illustrations)

Fairest, Vol 4: Of Men and MiceFairest, Vol 4: Of Men and Mice by Marc Andreyko
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Huge Warning! Do not read this if you haven't read the later volumes of Fables. I made that mistake, and there's a pretty huge spoiler. I had accidentally spoiled myself already on the DC.Wikia website, but that doesn't make it any better. That aside, this was good. Kind of a freaky story. About one of Cinderella's Mice turned Human carriage drivers who becomes acquainted with the pleasures of human woman, with long-lasting consequences.

Cinderella is like a female version of Bond, in ways I don't really like. But overall, I like her lethal abilities and her spycraft. I find it really cool that her helpers are the non-human fables, like the three blind mice. Some aspects of this are pretty dark, but readers of the Fables and Fairest series should not find that surprising.

Good, but not my favorite of this series, and not on the level of Fables.

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