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Lie by Moonlight by Amanda Quick

Lie by MoonlightLie by Moonlight by Amanda Quick

My rating: 4.25 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed Lie by Moonlight, and I think a huge part of its charm was listening to it on audio. The narrator has a great voice, she speaks with an English accent, and she modified her voice for the various characters, based on class, gender, and personality.  I like how she captured the Victorian feel--both a mystery vibe and a romantic in a classic way vibe.  She showed the chemistry that Concordia and Ambrose shared, and also she conveys the sense of family between Concordia and the girls, Edwina, Phoebe, Hannah, and Theodora.  How they become a big family along with Ambrose, Mr. Stoner, and Mrs. and Mr. Oates.

The storyline was good. I liked that although Concordia is a woman who carries herself with respect and maturity, she does own up to her rather unconventional upbringing without letting it define her as a person.  I really appreciate heroines who are independent, but also rational and thoughtful in their decision-making.   Concordia never goes off like a loose cannon, which always seems to invalidate a heroine's intelligence and self-sufficiency to me when I read that in a book. Concordia also showed a lot of heart and integrity in how she protected the young girls in her care.  I personally like heroines who believe in doing the right thing and helping those who have been oppressed, disenfranchised, or who are disadvantaged. Although Quick doesn't beat the reader over the head with the history of the Victorian times and how women were treated, especially orphans with no money or status, I could see that as the background for this story.  I respected that although Concordia's parents shared one set of values, she didn't feel like she had to adopt their own values for herself when they obviously weren't valid or healthy to her. 

Ambrose was a man of mystery and I liked that about him. I liked seeing how his background shaped his future and how he uses his skills to help people, even though he gets a personal high out of shadowy feats of espionage.  It was clear that he fell for Concordia fast, but it was also organic how his feelings evolved with each moment he spent with her.  I was rooting for Concordia to ask him to marry him, and I loved how he put that ball in her court because he knew she needed to have that sense of authority in her life.

The suspense and mystery elements were good. I didn't truly guess what was going on until the end.  I thought things would go in one direction, but with the excellent plotting, Ms. Quick was able to bring the story to a resolution that made sense for the story. 

This is my second read by Amanda Quick, Second Sight being the first.  I liked Second Sight, but I really liked this one.  I am glad I have several other books by Ms. Quick in my collection to read, and I will definitely avail myself of the Quick books on audio at the library when I can.

I do recommend this one on audio.  The narrator adds so much to the charm and appeal of this book. Thumbs up from this reader.

Overall rating:  4.25/5.0 stars.

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