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His Christmas Virgin by Carole Mortimer

His Christmas VirginHis Christmas Virgin by Carole Mortimer

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His Christmas Virgin sort of has that 'A Christmas Carol' vibe.  That's a good thing because I love 'A Christmas Carol.' Jonas is sort of a modern-day, toned down Scrooge. He has divorced himself from emotional relationships because of his parents' horrible marriage, and how it affected him.  While Mac is an artists, she shatters the stereotype that all artists are bohemian in their morals. In fact, hers are rather old-fashioned. She doesn't believe in sex without love.  She is close to her family and embraces the commitments of family.  While Jonas tells himself he needs to stay away from Mac and doesn't want to be bothered with her, he continually finds himself in her sphere, falling deeper and deeper for him.  Mac doesn't like Jonas' attitude towards relationships, and finds him rather brisk and hard to like, but he is an intensely attractive, appealing man who 'does' it for her.  Love breaks through all their barriers and causes both to risk their hearts to each other. 

Mortimer wrote a story that is passionate and romantic, and with a modern feel.  Never is there a doubt that Mac is a modern woman. She is just a modern woman who doesn't believe in casual sex, and had good reasons for her virginity. She finds it nothing to be ashamed of. While Jonas is quite uncharitable to her in that regard, I felt that he was making a last ditch effort to wiggle out of the trap of his feelings for her, and using that for an excuse, knowing she won't settle for just his physical body and not all of him.  He falls in love while he doesn't believe in such a thing.  I liked that each person stayed true to who they were, but also realized that being locked into a certain mindset can limit ones' possibilities.  When they come together at the end, it feels right and felt very romantic.

His Christmas Virgin was a pleasant and fairly quick read. Definitely what I needed for this time of year when things are so hectic.

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