Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Her Husband To-Be by Leigh Michaels

Her Husband-To-Be (Harlequin Romance, No. 3541)Her Husband-To-Be by Leigh Michaels

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I don't think I was in the mood to read this book, so it was a slow one for me. Danielle had a tendency to jump to conclusions that I found frustrating. She seemed determined to think the worst of Deke. Of course, at the end, it seems she was right about Deke in one respect, but he realized that his fear of commitment was about to cause him to lose a woman he really loved. That was a bit confusing to me, because he didn't seem like a bad guy. Of course, I didn't really get a real fix on Deke because he seemed to get cut off most of the time by Danielle in her assuming the worst about him and snapping something rude at him.

I like Leigh Michaels Harlequin books, but this one didn't do much for me. Not bad, but not very memorable or involving. I do have to say I liked the end more than most of the book, and not because it was almost over.

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