Thursday, February 17, 2011

Winter's Bride by Catherine Archer

Winter's Bride (Season's Brides, #1) (Harlequin Historical, #477)Winter's Bride (Season's Brides, #1) by Catherine Archer

My rating: 2.75 of 5 stars

It took me so long to read this book, and my frame of mind was an issue, in part. But also, the fact that the heroine started to get on my nerves fairly early into the book really hurt this book in my estimation. I could understand her situation, not knowing who she was or remembering her past. However, her instincts told her the truth about her relationship with Tristan and her daughter, Sabina. She was stubbornly persistent on supporting her parents, even to the point of throwing her life and happiness away. I definitely understand loving your parents and wanting to support and take care of them, but that didn’t mean she had to marry a man who was clearly bad.

I really did like Tristan. He was a good man, loving, understanding, supportive. He was so good with Sabina, and he cared about people. Lily was lucky to have him. I also ended up falling in love with Benedict, Tristan’s older brother. I liked how he supported Tristan and wanted him to be happy, even if it was with a woman whose parents were allied with their family’s enemies.

I am intrigued with Tristan's brothers and Genevieve, the woman he was betrothed to, who practically grew up with he and his brothers, so I have already made notes to get the other books in this series. Although I wasn’t that impressed with this book, I would like to continue to read this series. I think I will like the other books more, especially if the heroines aren’t as illogical and frustrating as Lily.

Overall rating: 2.75/5.0 stars.

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Sharyla said...

Great review! And great way to show an author you believe in second chances, I've done this as well, though I have to say not as often as of late.

Looking forward to seeing what the rest of the series brings for you.

What time period is this set in?

Danielle said...

Thanks, Sharyla. I believe this is set during the War of the Roses period of England, in the 15th Century. So far as I know, that's still considered medieval.