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The Medusa Prophecy by Cindy Dees

The Medusa ProphecyThe Medusa Prophecy by Cindy Dees

My rating: 4.25 of 5 stars

Mission Status Update


7 January 2011

Operator has completed mission of reading "The Medusa Prophecy" and is now completing written analysis.


*This was a great book. I loved the premise. I ate this group of female Special Forces soldiers up. I loved their camaraderie, their team spirit, and how they worked hard how to show the boys how it's done. Although I am no soldier myself, I think women soldiers can kick some serious butt and I'm cheering them on.

*Karen was a good heroine. At times, she was a bit frustrating, but I have to give her props that she managed so well, under the effects of a very devastating, lethal drug. I loved how kickbutt she was. She had a complex about being a large woman who was strong, and had been treated as a She-male, butch, and all those nasty terms that piss me off. She was a big, well-muscled, strong, sexy heroine worthy of being called an Amazon. The Sami people thought she was the reincarnation of the Norse war goddess Freya, which is a pretty darn awesome compliment.

*On the hottie hero front, Anders Larson checks out with all cylinders flying. What a man! Sexy as heck. An Olympic athlete skier, a bad@$$ warrior, sweet, loving, and man enough to appreciate a strong woman. He loved Karen for what she was, and thought she was sexy as hell. Let me make this clear that this is not a romance. It is an action-adventure story with a good romance. As an action-adventure junkie, that's alright with me, and Anders is hot enough to keep me warm in below zero weather! There is no sex, but the chemistry between Anders and Karen in this story from when they first meet and there on, and when they fought to see if Anders was man enough to date her was seriously hot! I imagine they will definitely burn up the sheets when they get together.

*Action level was very good. Of course, I could have used more, but the extreme cold weather setting and seeing these soldiers work their magic made up for it.

*Interesting look at the native tribe of Northern Norway, the Samis. They are commonly known as Laplanders and they are nomadic, existing off their hunting and raising of herds of reindeer. I would like to learn more about them.

*The plot about the dangerous designer drugs was interesting. I'm ambivalent about the terrorist angle. Hasn't there been enough finger-pointing at this particular type of culprit?

*I am definitely going to read the rest of this series. The Medusa team is freaking awesome. I'm excited to read the other women's stories.

Final Recommendations: Cindy Dees knows how to write action that is believable and guaranteed to make an action/adventure fan happy. Even though this is not romance, she had a great romance going here, which I don't doubt will be a lasting one for Karen and Anders. Although I don't have a military background, I found the military aspects to be realistic. I don't have any complaints. This series is the way to go for a reader who wants to read about women who are getting the job done, earning their title as women warriors and kickbutt heroines, with some hot guys thrown in for good measure. Overall rating: 4.25/5.0 stars.

Signed: Team Medusa Arctic Norway Operation Observer (Identity Unknown)

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