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Water Bound by Christine Feehan

Water Bound (Sisters of the Heart, #1)Water Bound by Christine Feehan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ms. Feehan, you've done it again. This is now one of my favorites by you.

This was such a beautiful, gorgeous book. Ms. Feehan's descriptive writing brings things to vivid, lush, captivating life. Seeing the world through Rikki's eyes was like nothing I've seen. People tend to think of autism as a liability. It does make it harder to integrate into the usual world. But, being in that place of beauty that belongs only to you, how wonderful that must be. I appreciate Ms. Feehan for the time she took to write this story and open my eyes to Rikki's world.

I've always been a water person, and I felt the affinity and love of water that Rikki felt. Since she was an outcast in many ways, it was good that she had the ocean, the water to be her home, to be her safe place that settled her.

Rikki is probably one of the most special and unique heroines I've encountered. She was created with such love and devotion that I can't help but love her. I liked that she is so complex, and has such a strength to make a life for herself, despite the many obstacles she faced. She knew that Lev had a past as a cold-blooded killer, and was a dangerous man--but she looked into his heart and saw the true man that he was. She was never afraid of him. She was willing to give him a chance to be the man who he yearned to be. She didn't realize that to Lev, she was his chance.

The love story in this book affected me deeply. Rikki and Lev found that connection that I crave in romance novels. The scene where they are under water, and their eyes meet, and it keeps Lev from succumbing to the fierce anger of the ocean. Her eyes anchor him. For the first time in his life, he feels like he has a home. Rikki might disturb or upset others because she doesn't know the social cues, with her piercing black gaze, but she gives him peace when she focuses those eyes on him. The way in which their love story unfolds has won this book a place on my keeper shelf as an all-time favorite romance. The intense love between Lev and Rikki shouts off the page. The sensuality is so powerful, as Rikki and Lev explore that magic that unites them as soulmates. The way that Lev would take care of Rikki, and vice versa. Their humorous exchanges. How they could be real with each other. It all comes together to make an unforgettable love story. Utterly sighworthy! This sappy girl was in heaven.

I loved how Lev didn't try to change Rikki to fit him. He found his place in her life, and adjusted himself to hers. She needed constancy and routine, and he understood that. But he enhanced her life by giving her that emotional bond that she'd never had, even with her fiance. Their love was so mutual and so beautiful. Making something stronger and enduring through their union.

Lev is the dangerous hero fangirl's Christmas gift. But, he's also a gentle, loving man with Rikki. That's my kind of hero--completely lethal, but like a Golden Retriever puppy dog with his woman, unless she's in danger, then he's like an fierce wolf protecting his mate. I never thought I'd love you more than Ilya, Lev. But I do!

I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy this new series by Ms. Feehan. I think that each of Rikki's adopted sisters are interesting. They bring unique gifts and personalities to the table. I like their created bond of family for each other. How they accept each other for who they are. I'm dying to meet more of the Prasenkii brothers. What is it with me and dangerous Russian men?

I appreciated how Ms. Feehan touched on the issue with Lev being on the boat while Elle was being held captive. Jonas did exactly what he should have done. Yet, I could understand why Lev did what he did. He was in a really tough situation. No question there. There's going to be some fallout, but I have a feeling it's going to work out.

I wish that Sea Haven was a real place. I would so move there. It's a happening place with the Drake sisters and spouses, Rikki's adopted family, and the Prasenkiis. Yet another favorite by an author who has won my devotion, book by fantastic book. Thumbs way up!

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