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The Greek Tycoon's Disobedient Bride by Lynne Graham

The Greek Tycoon's Disobedient Bride (Virgin Brides, Arrogant Husbands, #1) (Harlequin Presents, #2779)The Greek Tycoon's Disobedient Bride by Lynne Graham

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It's amazing how the arrogant hero becomes the besotted husband in Lynne Graham's books. After seeing Lysander's selfish playboy ways in the other books in this series, I was prepared to dislike Lysander. I actually ended up liking him more than his two friends. At the beginning of this book, he's definitely a womanizing type, bringing his current bed-warmer, a snooty Russian model, to the hearing of Ophelia's grandmother's will. However, one look at natural, down-to-earth Ophelia's beauty, and the Russian model is history.

Lysander originally came for one thing, to gain possession of Ophelia's home. It belonged to his mother, but Ophelia's grandmother refused to sell it to the Metaxis family out of bitterness, since Lysander's father left Ophelia's mother at the altar. In her will, she stipulated that half of the property would belong to Ophelia and Lysander, but only if they married. If not, the property would be so tied it up, it would take five years for Lysander to be able to buy it. Of course, Lysander is not happy about this development, but having a sexy wife like Ophelia that he can keep in the country sweetens the deal.

Ophelia has no desire to be married to a sleazy womanizer like Lysander Metaxis, no matter how much money he has. She just wants the right to her family home, and if not that, the walled garden that has been her own baby to nurture. And she also wants to find out where her half-sister Molly was taken after her grandmother took her in on her mother's death. The only way to get those things is to marry Lysander.

It turns out her grandmother double-crosses both of them, and the media finds out about his marriage, and Lysander feels that all bets are off. He will at least have his sexy bride in his bed, until they can safely dissolve this marriage.

I would say that Lysander falls pretty heavy and fast. He will do just about anything to keep Ophelia happy. He has fears of commitment due to his real father and mother and the sordid life he led before he was adopted by the Metaxis. But, Ophelia soon finds her way in his heart, even if he's afraid to confess it. Ophelia has her doubts that Lysander truly loves her, especially when she finds out his mother is sick, and believes he's acting like he's happily married on her account. Lysander's gestures are great, but Ophelia needs the words too. Never fear. This is Harlequin, and Lynne Graham, so there is a deliriously happy ending for all.

This was a quick, sexy, entertaining read. Fans of Lynne Graham should enjoy it very much, because it showcases all her strengths as a writer.

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