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Safe Harbor by Christine Feehan

Safe Harbor (Drake Sisters, #5) Safe Harbor by Christine Feehan

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I was torn on the rating for this book, because it was a little dry in some points, but it really won me over by the end of the book. I loved the connection between Hannah and Jonas. They truly are soulmates. Their lives are enriched by each other and strengthened by the bond that they share.

Both Hannah and Jonas suffered horribly, and yet still believed in their love for each other. In the end, this made the book a winner for me.

I really appreciated the intense bond of sisterhood that the Drakes share. They are different and unique but share a love and devotion that resonated with me because of my love for my sister. It's a theme that never gets old for me.

The mystical, magic aspects were intriguing. I'm not a big fan of witch books, but I do like what Feehan does with the theme. The parts with the house protecting the sisters were pretty creepy. I was sitting in class, reading my book illicitly and I snorted out loud on the part where Jonas gets a little freaked out at how the house deals with the assailants that come to attack Hannah, Jonas, and her sister.

One aspect of Feehan's writing that always impresses me is her ability to write action and have the violent aspects really impact me as a reader. Yet at the same time, they are seamlessly integrated into the plot, and don't overwhelm or repel me. The part where Hannah is attacked was very visceral and really affected me. Yet, the aftermath, and how it brings together Hannah's sisters and family, and Jonas, along with the deliciously enigmatic Ilya Prasenskii, to help to save her life balanced it so well because it showed the power of love in the face of the evil and horror in the world. It was quite well written.

I really liked Hannah and Jonas both as characters. Neither was perfect, but they were people that you cared about and rooted for. I liked that they didn't play emotional games with each other. Although initially they didn't grasp the fact that their future lay together, despite deep inside rested the knowledge that there was no one else for either of them, once they did come to realize that was the way the wind blew, they didn't act silly and do the makeup and breakup thing that drives me crazy in too many romances. Although I like a romance to be above the everyday annoying and mundane aspects of life, I enjoyed how this couple faced the obstacles that life threw at them united. They worked through the fears and anguish that each of the other faced together, and didn't turn their backs on the unique and wonderful love they shared.

Reading this book and seeing the interactions between Joley and Ilya makes me want to reread Turbulent Sea to revisit their relationship. I just love Ilya. He gives me the shivers. Joley is so passionate and outrageous, you can't help but love her. Similarly I want to read the other sisters' stories and see them meet and fall in love with their future mates, particularly Elle and Jackson's.

A deep, involving, and emotional story about the strength that lies in each of us despite the obstacles we encounter, as well as a story about the bonds of love between a man and a woman, and the invaluable connection that we share with family, there was no way I couldn't Safe Harbor five stars.

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