Monday, June 29, 2009

Dark Legend by Christine Feehan

Dark Legend (Carpathians,  #8) Dark Legend by Christine Feehan

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My favorite things about this Carpathian books were:

Francesca is very independent and capable. She's existed for many years and managed to hide herself from the Carpathian males and the vampires. She figured out how to live as a human. I love her big heart, how she takes care of the homeless people and heals the sick. She was a great heroine.

I also liked Gabriel. He accepted Francesca as she was, embracing her personality and her strengths, and admiring and supporting her.

Skylar's story just about broke my heart. There I was sitting in the airport, tears coming out of my eyes as I read about her suffering. It just about made me homocidal to read about a so-called father doing that to his daughter.

The cat and mouse game between Gabriel and Lucian kept my interest. I think Feehan did a great job keeping the suspense where you wondered what was up with Lucian, but at the same time could believe he was redeemable, the way he was helping Skylar and protecting Francesca. I was very happy with the resolution of the angst between Gabriel and Lucian. Although there was no big bang in this story, per se, I still really enjoyed it.

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