Wednesday, October 01, 2008

September Reads

For the month of September, I read the following books in entirety:

  1. Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident. Eoin Colfer. A+. (Child criminal genius, Faery Police Organization, Goblin Conspiracy, Russian Mafiya, Rescue mission, YA Fantasy). 9/1/08.
  2. Dead Until Dark from Dead in Dixie Omnibus. Charlaine Harris. A. (Book 1 in Sookie Stackhouse Series, Ability to read minds, Local color, Southern Gothic, Vampire Lover, Serial Killer Mystery, Urban fantasy). 9/2/08.
  3. This is All I Ask. Lynn Kurland. A++. (Blind Hero, Plain Jane/Scarred heroine, Timid Heroine, Child Abuse, Arranged Marriage, 2nd Wife, Humorous, Poignant, Medieval, Piaget). Christopher, Gillian. 9/3/08.
  4. Comanche Moon. Catherine Anderson. A++. (Indian Wars, Enemies to Lovers, Captive, Prophecy, Western/Native American). Hunter, Loretta. 9/6/08.
  5. Penelope and Prince Charming. Jennifer Ashley. A++ (Book 1 in Nvengaria Series, Prophecy, Prince Meets Ordinary Girl, Sensual, Magic, Paranormal Regency, Made-Up Country). Damien, Penelope. 9/7/08.
  6. From this Moment On. Lynn Kurland. A+. (Girl in Pants, Warrior, Less than Perfect Hero, Low Self-Esteem, On the Run/Hiding, Betrothal, Medieval, Piaget). Colin, Alienore. 9/12/08.
  7. Into the Flame. Christina Dodd. A++ (Book 4 in Darkness Chosen, series, Shapeshifter, Lovers Reunited, Secret Baby, Fighting Supernatural Evil, Family, Paranormal romance). Doug, Firebird. 9/13/08.
  8. Immortals: The Darkening. Robin T. Popp. B (Book 2 in Immortals series, Did not like heroine, Werewolf Heroine, Sex Magic, Witchcraft, Fighting Demons, Paranormal). Darius,Lexi. 9/14/08.
  9. The Willing Wife. Claudia Dain. A+. (Unhappily married, Reluctant heroine, Emotional scars, Mourning dead spouse, Marriage by Command, Medieval). Rowland, Nicolaa. 9/17/08.
  10. Bought: One Night, One Marriage. Natalie Anderson. A. (New Author, Wary hearts, Heiress, Businesswoman, Bachelor auction, Playboy Businessman, Pregnancy, Sensual, Reproductive Issues, Harlequin Presents). Blake, Cally. 9/17/08.
  11. The Love Match. Deborah Simmons, Deborah Hale, Nicola Cornick. A. (Bluestocking V. Rake. Pagan, Scholastica (The Notorious Duke), False elopement/Partners in Crime/Virgin hero/Scientist/Nerd hero/Matchmaking heroine. Ivy, Oliver. (Cupid Goes to Gretna), Hero in Pursuit/Reformed Rake (The Rake's Bride). Favorite was Cupid Goes to Gretna. Regency Romance Short Story, Harlequin Historicals. 9/21/08.
  12. Mr. Fix-It. Crystal Hubbard. A+. (New Author, Interracial, Fear of Love, Insecurities, Romance Author heroine, Fame, Wealthy Businessman hero, Contemporary). Carter, Khela. 9/23/08.
  13. The Arrangement. Betsy Page. A. (Reread, Marriage Deal, Arranged Marriage, Opposities, Rags to Riches, Virgin Widow, Mechanic Heroine, Cold Businessman, Vintage Harlequin Presents). Tyler, Kate. 9/24/08.
  14. An Innocent Miss. Elizabeth Bailey. A-. (Heroine was too naive, Ingenue, Gossip, Evading forced marriage, Overbearing father, Book 2, Steepwood Saga, Regency, Harlequin Historicals). 9/26/08.
My favorite books this month were: This is All I Ask, Into the Flame, From This Moment On, Mr. Fix-It, Comanche Moon, and Penelope and Prince Charming. Least favorite was Immortals: The Darkening because I could not stand Lexi. She was wishy-washy and pseudo strong and independent. She could have been pretty awesome, since she was a werewolf. I think Elena from Bitten by Kelley Armstrong raised my standards for werewolf heroines.


Rae Lori said...

Ooh what did you think about Dead Until Dark? I just ordered it to see how they translated it into True Blood but I haven't gotten to it yet. :-D

Danielle said...

It was good. I don't think of it as paranormal romance. I think of it as southern gothic/rural fantasy (like urban fantasy) with a romantic twist. I thought the characters were interesting. I haven't watched True Blood but I think it's a lot more erotic than the book. It was more subtle eroticism. It's more character-driven than action-driving although there are thrilling moments. I think you'll like it.