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The Question, Volume 2: Poisoned Ground by Dennis O'Neil

The Question, Vol. 2: Poisoned GroundThe Question, Vol. 2: Poisoned Ground by Dennis O'Neil

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I first became acquainted with The Question by watching Justice League Unlimited, and I knew I wanted to experience more of him.  I enjoyed the first graphic novel The Question, Vol. 1: Zen and Violence, and this one was good too, but not as good.  I think the tone didn't work for me.  In a word, sleazy.

Let me explain.  This graphic novel feels like the dark side of the 80s.  From the over-the-top 80s hair and clothing, to the whole sex, violence, and drugs atmosphere.  Yes, this is dark fiction about a shades of gray antihero who adheres to strict Objectivist philosophy.  I totally respect that.  I just didn't love the vibe.  Especially the titular story, Poisoned Ground. It starts with a real WTF.  I thought it was about a kid who wasn't right in his head going around killing people.  That's so not what this is about.  Although I'm relieved I was wrong about the story initially, I didn't like the developments that much.   It was just took icky for my tastes. The story where The Question goes to a shady Latino-Caribbean Island to rescue his mentor really didn't work for me.  I mean, really.  I find alchemy as interesting as the average weird fiction aficionado, but that dictator guy was such a psycho, and he did not get the resolution he deserved. The other two stories were pretty good. Basically masked crimefighter stuff in the dark, dangerous city stuff.   

Like I said initially, this isn't bad.  It's just not my cup of tea as far as the sleazy vibe.
I will give the next volume a try since I still like The Question character.

Readers who like Noir/Crime stories might enjoy this one.

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