Monday, June 25, 2012

Seed of Vengeance by Elizabeth Power

Seed of VengeanceSeed of Vengeance by Elizabeth Power
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was a bit of a chore to read, hence the lower rating. I didn't quite 'get' the character's motivations. Erica seemed to act meaner than necessary. After reading many HPs where I wish the heroine could use her tongue like a deadly weapon against the hero who more than deserved it, I found myself wincing at the mean things she said to Rafe. I was never convinced he was a bad guy. Yes, his blackmail wasn't ethical, but otherwise, I thought he treated Erica very well considering how she had treated him in the past, and how she continued to treat him. I understand self-protection in the context of a story where the heroine is married to a hero who might break her heart, I just didn't feel it was authentic in this book.

I think that because I liked Terms of Possession so much, I have higher expectations for this author's books that this one didn't meet. It wasn't a bad book, but just disappointing in the sense that the heroine was too mean for my tastes and the story wasn't that enthralling and lacked intensity for me. When it comes to Harlequin Presents, I want the intensity, angst and drama. Not enough of any of those for my tastes.

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