Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rio: Man of Destiny by Cait London

Rio: Man of Destiny: The BlaylocksRio: Man of Destiny: The Blaylocks by Cait London
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was glad to come back for another visit with the Blaylocks. I love the atmosphere in this book. The modern Western feel. Small town life. Family and friends, and everything in between. The strong, tough Western hero. Rio might not make a habit of wearing his heart on his sleeve, but he feels deeply and woos Paloma with every bone in his body. Works for me! I felt the language was a bit repetitive at times, but I did love the physical and emotional bond between Rio and Paloma, and how Rio slowly showed Paloma that she could open up to him and have a home and family with him. With her sad childhood with a mother who used her and neglected her, she needed to be shown rather than told that she could be safe in a relationship with Rio. To know that she was worthy of being loved. I think he did that.

Although not a technically perfect book, there was enough substance here for me to say I really liked it. Paloma is a survivor, and strong enough to overcome demons of the past to believe in and invest in a future with Rio and in Jasmine, Wyoming. As for Rio, he was yummy. The song "Where have all the cowboys gone?" by Paula Cole comes to mind. If only he was real!

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