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One Chance at Love by Carole Mortimer

One Chance At Love (Harlequin Presents, No 1117)One Chance At Love by Carole Mortimer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ah, this was a cute book.  Zach has the nerd appeal big time.  I can't resist a guy who is hot and a nerd, or perhaps the nerdiness enhances the appeal of a hot guy for me big time.    I am a sucker for love at first sight stories, and finding loving where you least expect it, and this one definitely has that vibe.  Dizzy saw Zach for the first time and fell like a ton of bricks, although she manages to keep her composure fairly well (point in her favor).  Zach also feels things for his niece's young friend that are not at all avuncular.  What to do about that!  Zach won me over big time with his Nerdy Professor demeanor.  I find that so hot!  Whenever she described his bad clothes and glasses, I started fanning myself.  I am a sick woman!  But I see that also rocked for Dizzy.  I like how she made a comment near the end when he bought some better clothes that she'd have to beat the women off her Greek God.  Girls who ignore the nerds are missing out!  (Keep in mind I am not referring to the uber-geeks with poor grooming and hygiene skills and no social skills that hang out at Comic-Con. They do nothing for me)

The one that troubles me about this book is how Dizzy doesn't get closure on her parents. Is she always going to be estranged from them?  I can't imagine having parents like that. No one has perfect parents, but Dizzy's are a nightmare.  At least she has Zach, Christi, and her friends.  I feel like her parents are the ones missing out on knowing a great daughter.

Yeah, this one doesn't have a lot of drama, but I didn't miss it.  I loved the sweet and passionate scenes between Dizzy, and how they weren't fooling Christi at all that they had made a love connection.  Also loved the literary aspects of this novel with Dizzy and Zach's secret careers.

Although sweet and simple, this one was a winner. Thumbs up.

*Now Danielle wants to find more romance novels with nerdy heroes. The deliciously and lickably nerdy Bruce Banner played by Mark Ruffalo in The Avengers movie did not help to diminish my thing for nerds at all!*

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