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The Millionaire's Prospective Wife by Helen Brooks

The Millionaire's Prospective Wife (Modern Romance S.)The Millionaire's Prospective Wife by Helen Brooks

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This was a very good book. At first I thought Nick was a jerk, the way he reacted to Cory's aunt's dog knocking him over. I didn't have hopes for him as a likable hero. However, I have to say that he made me eat my words. He showed a lot of consideration, patience, and caring for Cory, who wasn't an easy woman to love in some ways. I don't hold it against Cory. I can totally see why she was so reluctant to open her heart to Nick. She had some very deep emotional scars, layered on top of each other. First from neglectful parents, and then with a bad relationship. She truly believed she was unlovable. She probably should have gotten counseling, but how many of us are walking wounded from a lifetime of toxic relationships? With the full book behind me, I really appreciated Nick for his love for Cory that took him through some rough patches with her. However, I did get the feeling that Cory was worth it, and I was glad that she had someone who did love her unconditionally when she had suffered the lack of that from two people who should have given more of that then she could handle.

Maybe I am applying this to the book because I know Helen Brooks is a Christian, but it reminded me of Christ's love for me. That made me appreciate this book on a deeper level, because I can see that Christlike love in Nick (although he is a human male with human desires and emotions. However, the Apostle Paul does tell men to love their wives like Christ loves his church, so Nick isn't setting a unknown precedent here).

I can see why a Goodreads friend of mine appreciates Helen Brooks books so much. If Nick is an example of her heroes in how he treated Cory, then Helen does heroes well. He was both masculine and sexy, but also loving and gentlemanly. A very nice combination.

This was a good Harlequin Presents. It kept my interest, with sexy chemistry between Nick and Cory, paired with a deep, abiding, dare I say healing love. I look forward to reading more of her books.

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