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She's Having My Baby by Raye Morgan

She'S Having My Baby! (Having The Boss'S Baby) (Silhouette Romance, No. 1571)She'S Having My Baby! (Having The Boss'S Baby) by Raye Morgan

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

I had a little trouble keeping my attention on this book, although it's a good story. I was impressed and kind of surprised at the level of depth to both Kane and Maggie's emotional issues. Maggie was severely verbally abused by her father, and ended up marrying a man who wasn't much better. People thought she was sadly mourning her dead husband, but she was glad he was gone, not that he was dead, but that she was free. She wants a baby, but not the controlling husband or man to go with it, so she gets artificially inseminated, and the clinic accidentally inseminates her with her boss's sperm, which he deposited as a way to encourage his friend with cancer to bank his sperm. Kane finds out before she does that there is a woman out there who is pregnant by him. This book is actually part of a series in which the various women in the business Kane owns are the suspected baby momma by Kane. He has sleuthed his way through his list, and came up empty. The real woman is still a mystery when this book starts. I didn't read the other books, but I did get this one because I liked another book I read by this author. I may go back and read the others, if I get my massive tbr pile under control.

As I went off tangent, let me explain what Kane's issues are. He has two significant ones: his father was an alcoholic who died in a car accident while driving drunk. Kane never really got over losing his father, and I think it gave him a fear of loving someone in case they are lost. Secondly, he married a gold-digger, who tried to manipulate his affections for material gain. After extricating himself from this bad marriage, he swore never to marry. He assumed he wouldn't be having children either, but when he finds out that his child is out there, and it's like a piece of him is lost, and he knows he has to find his child. He's happy that he finds out that his efficient assistant Maggie is his baby's mother. At first, he's just going to support her and be on the edges of her life, but his sister-in-law gets him to see that he could end up losing contact with his baby if its mother remarries. He then proposes a marriage of convenience. Yeah, we know how those turn out, at least in romance novels.

Kane takes longer than Maggie to get his emotional baggage together. It's a bit frustrating the way he blows hot and cold. I felt bad for Maggie. Thankfully, Kane does get a clue.

This was a touching and heartwarming book. It was short, and it took a while for me to get engaged, but I think that's about my state of mind when I started reading it. This was my second book by Raye Morgan, and I'm happy to read more of her backlist. People who enjoy a quick romance in the vein of Harlequin/Silhouette, more on the traditional side, would probably like this one.

Overall rating: 3.5/5.0 stars.

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