Sunday, November 02, 2008

October Reads

October Reads
The Mammoth Book of Haunted House Stories. Various Authors. A (Short stories, ghosts ). Favorite story was "The Whistling Room" by Henry Hope Hodgson. 10/5/08.
The Dark: New Ghost Stories. Various. A (Short stories, ghosts). 10/10/08.
Angel of Fire. Tanya Anne Crobsy. B. (Medieval, girl in pants/disguise, enemies to lover, Norman conquest) 10/10/08.
Hotly Bedded, Conveniently Wedded. Kate Hardy. A. (Friends to Lovers, Marriage of Convenience, Problems having a baby, Unrequited, Harlequin Presents). Alex, Isobel. 10/10/08.
The Italian Billionaire's Pregnant Bride. Lynne Graham. A (Wrongly accused, pregnant, rags meets riches, Harlequin Presents) Kathy, Sergio. 10/11/08.
The Defiant Sheikh's Bride. Sandra Marton. A. (Artificial insemination mixup, heir to the throne, Sheikh, Kidnapped to marriage, Pregnant, Misunderstood, Runaway Bride, Mistrust, Captive, Harlequin Presents). 10/11/08. Whitney, Tariq.
Secretary Mistress, Convenient Wife. Maggie Cox. A (Wounded hearts, abusive relationship, scarred heroine, MOC, Harlequin Presents). Fabian, Laura. 10/12/08
Mustang Wild. Stacey Kayne. A+ (Accidental Marriage, Girl in pants, Trial Journey, Horse Trainers, Reluctant partners, Former Bounty hunter, Twin, Harlequin Historicals) Tucker, Skylar. 10/11/08.
Secretary Mistress, Convenient Wife. Maggie Cox. A (Wounded hearts, abusive relationship, scarred heroine, marriage of convenience, Harlequin Presents. )Fabian , Laura. 10/12/08.
Pregnancy of Revenge. Jacqueline Baird. A (Revenge, affair, marriage, fear of love, Harlequin Presents). Jake, Charlotte. 10/12/08.
Keir O' Connell's Mistress. Sandra Marton. A+ (Wrong tracks, O'Connell Series, Boss, Showgirl/Former Stripper, Love-Wary, Harlequin Presents). Keir, Cassie. A+. 10/12/08.
Bought for Her Baby. Melanie Milburne. B (Wrongly accused, jerk hero, secret baby, lovers reunited, addiction, archaeology, Harlequin Presents). Charlotte, Damon. 10/12/08.
The Desert Sheikh's Captive Bride. Lynne Graham. A (Lovers reunited, misunderstood, blackmail, sheikh, Harlequin Presents). Rasha, Tilda. 10/12/08.
Betrayed. Arnette Lamb. A (Warrior woman/bodyguard, assassin, inventor, scientist hero, Widower w/ children, Scotland, Georgian, Quest). Hugh, Julia. 10/19/08.
Maverick Wild. Stacey Kayne. A+ (Rape, Tormented heroine, Evil Parent, stepsibling, Unrequited, Runaway, BBW, Twin, Harlequin Historicals) Cora Mae, Chance. 10/25/08.
The Djinn. Marie Morin. A (Djinn Humor, Widower, E-book). 10/26/08. Raheem, Elise.
Unshapely Things. Mark Del Franco. (Urban Fantasy, Fae, Druid, Racism/Bigotry, Serial Killer). 10/25/08. Connor Grey.
Angelo's Captive Virgin. India Grey. A. (Cold hero, adopted, businessman, orphanage, real estate, Harlequin Presents). 10/27/08. Anna, Angelo.
Murder by Magic: Twenty Tales of Crime and the Supernatural. A (Various, Occult mystery). 10/31/08.

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Michelle said...

Hey there! Are these all books that you read in October, that you started reading or that you hoped to read? Either way, you're way ahead of me. I think I read one book the whole month. I wish I had more time for pleasure reading, though. There are so many great ones to choose from.