Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Deserving of His Diamonds? by Melanie Milburne

Deserving of His Diamonds?Deserving of His Diamonds? by Melanie Milburne
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a very angsty read. Gisele got thrown out by Emilio when a sex tape surfaces. He doesn't believe that she's innocent, and cuts her out out of his life. When it becomes clear that it's Gisele's newly discovered twin sister and Emilio becomes aware of that fact, he decides that he will make amends and get her back. Soon, he realizes that he can't just go back to what things were. Gisele has lost too much in the past to be the same adoring, biddable fiancee he had in the past.

Gisele's heartbreak is tangible. I cried for what she lost. I could understand why she was hard to deal with emotionally by Emilio. He needed to deal with what he'd done and realize it wasn't right and he couldn't expect all that to go away. While Emilio wasn't hateful, what he did was pretty rotten, and I'm glad that was never glossed over. I also appreciate that he had to deal with the consequences of his lack of trust in Gisele and he has to work through a shared heartbreak as well.

Milburne's writing really has evolved and I feel that her later books have a lot of depth, with complex characters. While her heroes can be typical HP arrogant, they aren't hateful about it where you want them to jump off a cliff, like a few of her older male characters I won't mention and some other HP heroes.

I liked this more than Gisele sister's Sienna's book, Enemies at the Altar, but that was also good.

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