Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Daily Devotional Series: The Gospel of John by Kristi Burchfiel

The Daily Devotional Series: The Gospel of JohnThe Daily Devotional Series: The Gospel of John by Kristi Burchfiel

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

I suppose I could only give this one 3.5 stars, because each day's devotional focus is so short.  I think that's an advantage for readers who want something really quick, but I think I like a longer reading for my devotionals. Thus, I was a mite disappointed. I do have to say that the Gospel of John cannot fail to inspire believers with the majesty and power of the deity of Jesus, and his profound love for everyone.  John called himself "the disciple whom Jesus loved." That man was so tapped into the love that Jesus has for us that the Romans couldn't even kill him when they tried boiling him in oil.   That's a lesson for every believer to learn right there.  So I was thrilled to get a copy of this devotional for free on Amazon Kindle.  I have been specifically meditating on God's love for me (right believing leads to right living), and I already feel it has changed my life profoundly.  John's gospel is required reading for believers who are on the same path for that reason stated above.  I loved the prayers at the end of each devotion, and they definitely packed a punch for their short length.

So even though I didn't give this one a higher rating, I still feel it is a very worthwhile daily journal for less than a month of study.

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