Monday, July 22, 2013

A Gentle Thunder: Hearing God Through the Storm by Max Lucado

A Gentle Thunder: Hearing God Through the StormA Gentle Thunder: Hearing God Through the Storm by Max Lucado

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Max Lucado has such a way with words. Once again, I have read a book by him that fed my spirit and encouraged me in my walk with Christ, just when I needed it. 

He is graced with the ability to illustrate timely, yet timeless spiritual truths.  His examples are highly relevant without being the slightest bit pedantic or dogmatic.  One of the most penetrating such stories was about a cave full of people who were in the dark and cold, and they were miserable, but didn't know any other way.  A stranger comes and makes a fire and invites the people to come to the fire. Only one woman does, and she does it despite her fears.  She cares for her brethren, feels their pain of being in the dark, and yet, she doesn't want to go back there.  The stranger has a solution. He gives her a torch and she can take the light to them.  This hit home with me because it speaks of what Christ-followers can do in the world. Be light in a dark world.

Lucado speaks on grace, which is the central truth of Jesus Christ's message. That God's resources are unlimited, no matter what you are going through.   His unconditional love for us, and how this can change our lives.  How Christians struggle with things on an everyday basis when we should allow Jesus to carry our burdens and press into him, for he can support the weight of our weary hearts and minds, and the issues we struggle with in life.  And how important the relationship with Jesus is for believers.  He also speaks on how we relate to others and allow barriers to come up within the church and with people who don't share our beliefs,when they are artificial more than anything else.

He knows his Bible, he knows Christ, and he is fully convinced of the reality of God in Jesus Christ and his love for us, and that comes through, loud and clear. But his goal is not to press heavy doctrinal lessons on his readers. Instead, he goes right to the heart of what following Christ means in the every day, nitty gritty.  I appreciate that very much.

This was the right book to read during a tough week, and Lucado helped me feel the love of my Savior just by reading his stories.  He reminded me that I am not alone, but I am deeply loved by God, and he can get me through just about anything I deal with in this life. 

Despite his simplicity and casual charm, I say he achieved something monumental here.

Definitely recommended.

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Paula Cappa said...

Sounds really inspiring. I've always loved Lucado's way with words. Thanks for the reminder about this one.

Danielle said...

Definitely recommended if you are a fan of his, Paula.