Monday, May 23, 2011

The Loving Trap by Daphne Clair

The Loving Trap (Harlequin Presents, #506)The Loving Trap by Daphne Clair

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This book packed a punch. The more I read, the more I put a picture together of Kyla, what made her tick. It was clear that she had a resistance to Marc’s charm, and he had to do some work to gain her attention and her regard. Honestly, I wondered why he didn’t catch on sooner that Kyla had more going on than being a very proper, seemingly prudish person. She put out some signs that she had a past trauma that made her untrusting of men. I guess he didn’t want to believe that something so terrible had happened to her.

I wondered why her parents hadn’t encouraged Kyla to seek counseling, and it was pretty sad how people reacted to what Kyla went through. It was like no one ever reassured her that it wasn’t her fault. She internalized it all and assumed blame for what she’d gone through. I couldn’t believe that it made some men have prurient designs towards Kyla, which was another reason why she went to the extreme of being very careful about her clothing and appearance, which Marc read as her being aloof.

I felt bad for them both, not knowing how to bridge the gap of Kyla’s fears of sexual intimacy, and Marc’s need for her. I wanted to get Marc to see that there was a bigger picture going on, and feared for when the reveal would come, and its consequences. Even though I didn’t like all of Marc’s actions, I didn’t dislike him. He was actually a decent guy, but pretty slow on the uptake, in my opinion. I have to admit, that he was a patient man, very patient, considering. What he did wasn't good, but I'm glad he came to his senses in time.

I really liked the end. It was very poignant and emotional. You could see the healing begin and the bond between Kyla and Marc that showed that everything would be alright with them together, that Kyla would be able to move on from the past, and that they would be happy together for the rest of their lives.

This one is definitely a keeper. Good writing, complex characters, and a sensitive, expert hand with some touchy subject matter. I’m glad I was able to read this one.

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