Thursday, December 16, 2010

Italian Doctor, Sleigh Bell Bride by Sarah Morgan

Italian Doctor, Sleigh Bell Bride (Harlequin Medical Romance 372)Italian Doctor, Sleigh Bell Bride by Sarah Morgan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Italian Doctor, Sleigh Bell Bride definitely met my needs for a quick, feel good contemporary romance Christmas read. It had a Cinderella vibe, with struggling single mom Liv; and handsome, sexy, accomplished, and very nice Stefano. That was very cool to see a deserving woman get her Christmas wishes come true. On top of that, this had some elements of the medical profession that I absolutely loved! It was so much fun to see the medicine cases that Liv and Stefano worked on together. Although Ms. Morgan played it safe by having Liv as the nurse and Stefano as the trained surgeon, she also showed how very good Liv was at her job. She was an excellent diagnostician, and had a wonderful touch with her patients. She took her job seriously and was always professional. And I liked the message that nurses were a valuable part of the medical team, often providing essential care that doctors can't and don't. Stefano was also a professional. Even though he was a rich Italian (gotta have that vibe going on), he was a very good doctor, and he took it seriously.

I loved the progression of their relationship. Stefano showed his love, which is a big thing for me. He saw that Liv was under a lot of burdens, trying to raise her son and make ends meet, and putting him first. I loved how he nurtured her, bringing her sense of self back where it needed to be, because she was had very low self esteem after her husband cheated on her and abandoned her. He was also really good with Max. He understood that the little boy needed a male influence, and he wasn't just playing along just to get close to his mother.

I liked that Liv and Stefano conducted their relationship circumspectly. Although Liv and Max were staying with Stefano after their apartment burned down, they weren't carrying on with a young boy in the house, because Liv didn't want for her son to get the wrong idea. I liked that Stefano respected that, and he managed to show Liv that he found her sexy and desired her, but did it in a way that didn't compromise her status as a mom with an impressionable young boy.

Although this story had some of the unrealistic elements of a Harlequin Presents, it also had some more real world aspects that I enjoyed. And the medical elements were the icing on the cake. The dialogue was good, with some great funny bits. And Max was adorable. I loved his last line when Liv and Stefano were being 'mushy'. It was classic! Sarah Morgan has once again written a story that I am adding to my keeper shelf, and showed that she knows her stuff when it comes to medicine. I can't wait to read more Medical Romances.

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